2015-16 Impact Results are In!

The Hybrid Learning Institute is pleased to release its Impact Report for Academic Year 2015-16. Entitled, “Achieving Success with Personalized Learning”, the report contains new information about 161 personalized learning programs.

2015-16 Impact Summary

2015-16 District Storyboard

2015-16 Impact Report

2015-16 Impact Presentation

2014-15 Academic Performance Results

The Hybrid Learning Institute is pleased to release its final report for Academic Year 2014-15. Entitled, “Achieving Success with Hybrid Learning”, the report contains information about more than 13,000 students, 400 teachers and 100 schools using hybrid instruction to improve student academic performance.

2014-15 Executive Summary

2014-15 Final Report

2014-15 Summary Presentation

2013-14 Academic Performance Results Available

As the Hybrid Learning Institute (HLI) continues to collect data from schools, information about best practices will be used to improve newly adopting schools.

Dellicker Strategies and the HLI have released the Academic Performance Results from the 2013-14 school year. Check out the reports and resources at the links below.

HLI Academic Performance Results 2013-14

HLI Program Results Summary Report 2013-14

HLI Program Results Presentation 2013-14

Hybrid Learning Brochure

Hybrid Learning FAQs


View the 2012-13 Reports HERE