New Results for 2015-16 Are In!

Personalized Learning Boosts Academic Achievement for Fourth Consecutive Year

The final report for the 2015-16 academic year has been released! In this new analysis, the Hybrid Learning Institute studied the outcomes of personalized learning programs in more than 100 schools, impacting 13,500 students and 400 teachers over four years.

Results exceeded expectations, again. Personalized learning helped improve academic achievement and develop the “soft skills” every student needs. In addition, students and teachers alike thoroughly enjoyed the hybrid classroom experience. Consider key findings from the report:

  • Personalized learners doubled the rate of growth compared to traditional learners

– Personalized learners outperformed traditional learners by 20% on state exams
– STEM personalized learners did 10% better in science and 38% better in math
– Personalized learners scored “advanced” on state exams at a rate 42% higher

Personalization is and effective, engaging and economical strategy for improving academic achievement.

Click here for the full report!