The Institute

Learn how the Hybrid Learning Institute works with schools, administrators and educators to plan and execute a successful personalized learning program.

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Who We Are

The Hybrid Learning Institute (HLI) is a group of teachers, administrators and experts seeking to create a more student-centered approach to learning.

Its mission is to improve student achievement by providing teachers with smaller, more manageable student group sizes to deliver personalized, focused instruction.

The HLI Process

HLI provides a step-by-step process for schools to plan, launch and operate new personalized learning programs and establishes the regional infrastructure to support them. The organization uses a team of more than 20 experienced professionals that help schools work together to succeed with personalized learning. Team members come from school districts, universities and private companies. Together, they train teachers and administrators, manage program implementation and track educational outcomes.

In addition, HLI hosts a password-protected social media site for teachers and administrators to collaborate online, and share best practices for personalized learning.