Changing the Rules

In hybrid classrooms, teachers work with smaller groups – personalizing
instruction and creating more one-on-one time with students.

  • Personalized learners outperformed traditional learners by 20% in student academic achievement
    Hybrid Learning Gets Results!

  • 80% of students, teachers and parents said personalized learning is better for 21st century skills
    Hybrid Learning Gets Results!

  • 85% of students and teachers enjoyed their personalized learning experience
    Hybrid Learning Gets Results!

& Benefits

The evidence is mounting:
Hybrid Learning Improves
Academic Performance.

  • Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.06.02

    Spring City

    Students at Spring City Elementary Hybrid Learning School scored proficient or advanced on PSSA tests at a rate 23 percent higher than the previous year with gains in all subjects attributable to their building-wide hybrid learning program: reading (+20%), math (+24%) and science (+27%)

  • building

    Garden Spot

    Garden Spot Middle School — Compared to the prior year’s PSSA results for 7th and 8th grade, 59% of hybrid students scored better in language arts, 58% scored better in math.

  • Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.10.13

    Lebanon School District

    Lebanon School District –High school students in language arts, math and literature achieved scores of proficient or advanced at rates 4 times higher in hybrid classes compared to non-hybrid classes.

  • Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.19.10

    Indiana Area School District

    Third grade math students in the hybrid learning program at Indiana Area School District outperformed students in traditional classes by 10 percentage points on the PSSA exams.

  • Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.33.03

    Pittston Area School District

    Pittston Area School District – Improved PSSA scores in all tested subjects: 3rd grade reading, 4th grade language arts, 3rd and 4th grade math.

  • Screenshot 2014-12-16 15.26.29

    Hatboro Horsham School District

    Hybrid learning math students at Hatboro-Horsham School District passed the PSSA tests and Keystone Exams at a rate seven percentage points higher than non-hybrid peers in five schools.

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